An exciting life enhancing/life changing experience for anyone.

Come to The Art Academy to learn to use the transformative power of art and words. You do not need to be able to draw or paint.

If life is tough, you are feeling low, ill or want to gain the tools to access your imagination, externalise feelings and address problem areas in your life, then visual journaling is for you. It is great fun and will help you to celebrate life and enjoy it to the full.

Visual Journalling is more than recording life experiences. It is a therapeutic creative process through which students will learn to explore their imaginative potential through a variety of artistic and written exercises. Art can be a great healer. It offers a means for expressing feelings and making art lifts the spirit and engages the mind with something very absorbing that seems to enrich and add sparkle to people’s lives. Lydia learned about a healing form of art called Visual Journalling from a leading expert in the field, in Oregon, USA and she holds a diploma in Psychotherapy. The focus of Visual Journalling is firmly on Art Education as a means of therapy, exploring our life, self and our feelings through art. It can be a huge boost for people trying to overcome illness, depression and/or the ups and downs of everyday life.

Private therapeutic art lessons are offered for those who are depressed or suffering from illness or a group adult class is available on Monday evenings.

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